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Thread: Prog Ears Pledge Drive 2021

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    Prog Ears Pledge Drive 2021

    Hi, all!

    I was thinking a fresh thread is in order since we are well into a new year here.

    I'm pretty much out of the loop and haven't moderated in 5+ years now, so I feel more like an elder statesman than anything else at this point. Or am I on the Board of Directors? Anyway, bottom line is the PE you enjoy today is the product of the care and passion of Duncan and Cozy. Along with all of you that steadfastly tune in daily and share content. We know there's many options when it comes to talking prog rock on the 'net and are thankful PE still offers a vibe and angle that other places do not, and out of that is still needed. I admit I lost my desire to moderate and disarm arguments a number of years ago and went to find new mountains to climb. It pleases me to see PE carry on and be meaningful all these years later despite me focusing elsewhere.

    Thankfully Duncan and Cozy still have the passion and do to this day. They can be thanked for the kinder and wiser PE you enjoy in the 2020s. PE 2021 is a much more civil and level headed place than it was in the 2000s. It's become the place I hoped it could have been all along in that regard. I guess the trolls and such just found more people to mess with at FB, which is excellent.

    For those of you that regularly donate to the site here, I share a hearty thank you!! Words don't really suffice, but you kept us "on the air" all these years.

    At this time if you haven't had a chance to click the DONATE icon in the gold bar at the top of the page, please take a minute to, if you can. Consider it a way of saying thanks to Cozy, Duncan and everyone here that continues to make PE vital, even in the age of FB and such. It lives on and still has a purpose thanks to all of you that tune in daily and share content here.

    If you told me in 1999 that this forum we launched would still be kicking 20+ years later I think I would have been amazed and proud. Well, I still am! Thank you all so much.

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    Done... and always happy to do it! Thanks guys for all that you do.

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    I had noticed two or three days ago that my star had dimed out of vision.
    my music collection increased tenfolds when I switched from drug-addicts to complete nutcases.

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    I think I let my star lapse when I took my leave of absence. I'll have to rectify that.

    It also gives me a chance to reimburse Duncan for the postage on my CD shipment.

    Thanks again, gents, for all you do around here.
    Music isn't about chops, or even about talent - it's about sound and the way that sound communicates to people. Mike Keneally

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    Consider it done. I don't post often but I do visit often... my favorite music site! Thanks for the hard work!

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    Always so worth it. This place is a real gift. Thanks to everyone who makes it happen
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    I rarely post but do visit every day. Done, and thank you for everything you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonewalk View Post
    I rarely post but do visit every day. Done, and thank you for everything you do.
    Many thanks!!



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