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Thread: New Iron Maiden album "Senjutsu" in Sept...Video single here now.

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    New Iron Maiden album "Senjutsu" in Sept...Video single here now.

    Sorry about the duplication.

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    Sounds somewhat in the neighborhood of what I expected. As much as I dig the classics and the newer (Brave New World and onwards) material, to my ears, this track is a decent blending of both. Their 50th anniversary can't be more than maybe as little as about a half decade away. What an achievement (either way)!
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    ^ Like you said, about what one would expect, but not bad. The cartoon video, however, is atrocious. I'm sure they spent some money on that, and well...
    I like the part where Icarus hijacks the Little Red Hen.

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    I love how much energy Iron Maiden still bring to the table. The band ages in range from 62 (Bruce) to 69 (McBrain) and yet they play live like a band a few decades younger. I saw them play back when Powerslave was new in the 80's and friends encouraged me to go see this 'prog' metal band. I most recently saw them on the Legacy of the Beast tour not too long ago and they still bring it. I don't think they will be touring the new album (recorded 2019 before the pandemic) until next year but I look forward to seeing them again. Truly remarkable band.


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