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Thread: Saw the Olias vinyl at Record Store Day today

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    Quote Originally Posted by progmatist View Post
    Absolutely. CSNY Deja Vu is another one of those albums whose resale value shot through the roof in just the last year.
    I've been on a bit of aTom Petty and Neil Young obsession thing lately, and found Rust Never Sleeps DVD concert for an insane cheap price on ebay( new).
    Watching Neil live(dvd) is like having a religious experience, the guy is just out there, and I love it!
    I wanted to pick up Deja Vu on vinyl, but I'm not buying any more used, especially as old a release as that is.
    So I'm very excited to hopefully get the vinyl only if they release it, I don't need all the demos and such!
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    ^^ Fewer people even like to watch DVD concerts. My brother's second ex-wife among them. Back in the day when Dido was still popular, she was a Dido fan. I had previously gotten her a Dido CD as a gift, and suggested a Dido DVD as another. She said she just didn't like watching music on TV.
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