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Thread: What albums did you listen to today?...continued

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    What albums did you listen to today?...continued

    Ok so the last thread have passed the 500 pages, so here's the new and improved thread of which we can go on and on about the music we like so much.

    For me not a vast selection:

    The Winstons (three times really, this is just outstanding!)
    Mike Oldfield - Hegest Ridge

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    Deus ex Machina - Equilibrismo da Insofferenza

    Is this really 23 years old? It holds up so well, it's stupid. If this album came out in 1973 or 74 instead of 1998, I believe we'd be talking about in the same lofty standards as the best prog of of those years.

    Attachment 15250

    Tim Berne - Science Fiction

    Brilliant Tim Berne (sax) quartet recording. With the monstrous Craig Taborn in keys. Avant-garde jazz, but they know just how far outside to go, before they bring it back.

    Elliott Carter - American Classics

    Recording contains: Concerto for Orchestra, Violin Concerto, Three Occasions for Orchestra

    Avant-garde and experimental classical doesn't get much better.
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    I really only listened to one full album, Synchronicity by The Police. I also listened to some Miles Davis and some Karlheinz Stockhausen today.

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    Spent Sunday listening to the old vinyl I picked up on Saturday's trip to San Francisco:

    Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen: Two Rainbows Daily (brilliant)
    Incredible String Band: No Ruinous Feud (side 1 is not as bad as I remembered; side
    Isotope: Isotope: (great fusion)
    Novalis: Brandung (not brilliant but a pleasant listen)
    Sparks: Indiscreet (huge fun)
    Robin Williamson & His Merry Band: Journey’s Edge (still shows signs of the rock direction of later ISB, subsequent albums would be more straight Celtic)
    Mick Goodrick: In Pas(s)ing (with John Surman, Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette, fantastic)
    Terje Rypdal & David Darling: Eos (mind-melting)
    Shakti: A Handful of Beauty (stunning, sparks fly)
    Hurtleturtled Out of Heaven - an electronic music composition, on CD and vinyl

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    Ske - Insolubilia (2 times)
    Mobius Strip - Time lapse
    Gabriella Smith & Gabriel Cabezas - Lost Coast
    Arthur and Lucas Jussen - The Russian album

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    Jóhann Jóhannsson - Orphée from the Retrosctive II box
    Nucleus - We'll talk about it later from the Torrid zone box
    Maschine - s/t
    Mo - s/t

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    George Harrison "Alternate All Things Must Pass" (bootleg)

    The Guess Who Live in St. Louis 6/5/74 (FM broadcast)
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    Mesa, Arizona
    Most recently, the Dixie Dregs live in Connecticut DVD. After I repaired the bad mix with the Izotope RX8 Music Rebalance module.
    "Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?"--Dalai Lama

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    The Right Coast
    Kitaro - Asia
    Kitaro - Heaven and Earth
    David Gilmour -Live in Gdańsk

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    Stranglers - Feline (remastered CD)

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    Friendly Fires - Pala
    Pat Metheny Group - Letter From Home
    coda - Videoball OST
    Ske - Insolubilia
    Styx - The Mission
    Cody Carpenter - Memories and Dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by CarmeloLabadie View Post
    The Winstons (three times really, this is just outstanding!)
    The Winstons are excellent. I love their first and third albums especially; they really nail those psychedelic/Canterbury vibes.

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    Steve Roach: Stillpoint

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    Canada west coast
    Los Lobos - Colossal Head
    Los Lobos - Good Morning Aztlan
    I remember tomorrow

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    Paul Weller’s latest Fat Pop and the live disc that comes with the deluxe version. I’m really enjoying his later releases.

    Also picked up the tribute to Peter Green live set from the Palladium, with all of the guest performers, and so I gave that a spin too. Some decent versions and some surprising contributors too.

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    Yesterday I listened to:
    Jóhann Jóhannsson - The mercy, form the Retrospective II box
    Nucleus - Solar plexus, from the Torrid zone box
    Mo - Ha ha! The sound of laughing Not a bad album, but it sounds less unique as their debute.

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    So far this morning I have enjoyed some strong coffee and the self-titled debut albums from Rare Bird and Juicy Lucy. Both 1969 releases, both excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Progatron View Post
    So far this morning I have enjoyed some strong coffee ...
    Same here and twice ! ... some jazz: (8:30 am right now!)

    Some Bobby Hutcherson:
    - San Francisco + Skyline.

    Last night:
    CCR - Cosmo's Factory +
    Fermata - Huascaran.

    Pura Vida!.

    There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind. ∞
    Duke Ellington.

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    On the drive home after dropping off some people at the airport-Dire Straits-Making Movies

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    When you say albums do you mean 12" vinyl, because it sounds like people are throwing in cds or downloads.

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    Jóhann Jóhannsson - Englaborn from the Retrospective II box
    Nuclues - Belladonna from the Torrid zone box
    Focus - Hamburger concerto from the 50 years box
    Hällas - Exerpts from a future past
    Gogo Penguin - s/t

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    When you say albums do you mean 12" vinyl, because it sounds like people are throwing in cds or downloads.
    I’m pretty sure it’s not limited to vinyl.

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    Joe Walsh—Barnstorm.
    The older I get, the better I was.

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    Mostly Autumn - Go Well Diamond Heart
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    At times a little like Egberto Gismonti meets Santana at his best, doesn't really sound like the first Picchio dal Pozzo, but I get a similar buzz from it...sound quality is exceptionally spiff on this one. Wayside has the CD for a measly $10


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