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Thread: Artits who chose to move away from the limelight

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    Quote Originally Posted by progmatist View Post
    Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. He dropped out of music to focus exclusively on visual art.
    He was pretty successful at it too, unlike many others who quit relatively profitable but exhaustive music careers to dwell into other fields of extreme expertise. Van Vliet's paintings are still featured regularly at various exhibitions here in Europe, but obviously just because the man was once a leftfield countercultural avant-garde musician and thus elligible as legitimate artist to begin with.

    His paintings still draw a bit of dough, though. I'd sure as hell would like to have one of his pieces, but they're a bit above the reach of my check.
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    Don't know why but. It just came to me that Peter Gabriel could have or could even resurrect a few of his theatrical alter egos.
    Art rock if anything is more relevant than ever before in these days of sensual hyperstimulation
    It was a remarkable phase.
    Oh well perhaps something will come along to fill void .
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    Benoit David, He really seemed like a nice guy, and I guess got swept up in a really tough situation. In retrospect to me at least he did the best he could in a thankless position. There were some really rough times singing "Jon's songs" live on some nights but I really think he did a great job on Fly From Here, and I think he was great in Mystery, and his other band Close To The Edge a Yes Tribute band. He must be a pretty classy guy as I've never heard any negative remarks from him about the Yes situation and that in itself is remarkable in this day, to say the least.

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    Bassist Greg Ridley of Humble Pie disappeared after playing on Steve Marriott's 1976 solo album (the Pie had already broken up), didn't surface again until 2001 when he played onstage with the rest of the band members in a tribute show for Marriott.

    Marriott moved away from the limelight while continuing to play. After the early 80's version of Humble Pie disbanded, he continued to play pubs and small venues in the UK as "Packet of Three" with a bassist and drummer, doing old blues tunes and Pie/Small Faces tunes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy Vengeance View Post
    Kendra Smith is a textbook case. Went completely off the grid after releasing her excellent, and presciently titled, ‘Five Ways of Disappearing’.
    She turned up on the Dream Syndicate's first reunion album, on a track called "Kendra's Dream."


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