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Thread: Find rare CDs DVDs for sale here

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    Find rare CDs DVDs for sale here

    For buying rare CDs/DVDs & gear look here:

    USA buyers only:

    or search for what you need on Amazon and look for "Other Buying Options" and select seller phatCDs4younow to get best price.

    For international CD/DVD sales:

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    Just checking: Allan Holdsworth's Hard Hat Area US price (at Discogs) $ 12 and $ 11; European price (at Music Stack) $ 60 and $ 45.
    (Not that I'm interested, but I noticed very high prices at Music Stack.)

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    Simple reason really -- I detest shipping internationally and David Stack at demanded I ship internationally to be on his site.

    For many, many months I saw not a single sale, (and I promoted my MusicStack page), while my sales were steady elsewhere. So -- for all the hassle at a "dead" website for me -- with customs forms and not really knowing if a foreign buyer really gets their CD or not when they say it never arrived -- I just raised all my prices recently exponentially there.

    May seem unfair to non-US buyers but that's way I am doing things for now. David told me his website is NOT really for CD sales anyway but his major movers and shakers sell Vinyl out the wazoo there.

    I have purchased Zappa vinyl there, rare band promo pictures and CDs from Russian Federation as well as USA sellers. The prices were super low for ultra-rare stuff -- so I relisted them for rare CD prices per Discogs past sales prices and have sold nearly all of them on my other sites to very happy buyers -- (it's like a finder's fee I suppose).

    But as for selling CDs there -- forget it. If I sell one high-priced CD on MusicStack in 12 months -- I guess it is worth it. It costs nothing to sell there but a small percentage after a sale.

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