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Thread: Technical question about YouTube

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    Technical question about YouTube

    Hi. One sci fi film I had on my liked videos list on YouTube is no longer available. I'm wondering of there's a way to have access to it, although I don't remember the movie name.
    Is there a way to go back to I had in my liked videos on Youtube one year ago, without having the link? I thought that maybe reprogramming my laptop all around to what I had available one year ago could be the answer.
    Would appreciate your help.

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    It depends.
    If you watch youtube stuff when you are logged in to google, then you should have the history option on the left hand side of the screen.
    It's searchable, or you can scroll through till you find it. I was able to scroll back to August last year. I might have cleared history at some point.
    If you don't log in , then no.
    If the video was taken down for any reason, too bad.

    Lot's of if's
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    If you knew the name of the movie, you could search on, aka the way back machine. basically takes snapshots of the entire searchable internet for specific moments in time.
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