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Thread: Expo Seventy "Evolution" -great come back & best spacerock album of 2021 thus far

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    Expo Seventy "Evolution" -great come back & best spacerock album of 2021 thus far

    J.G. Wright has been working as Expo ’70 since 2003. Much of the sound encompassed by his project is taken from krautrock, electronic minimalism and artists like Brian Eno, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and Richard Pinhas. In 2012, Wright formed a trio version of the band with his occasional collaborators, bassist Aaron Osborne and drummer Chris Fugit, to explore new dimensions of sound. The band format went under the name Expo Seventy and the style has shifted towards a more spacerock approach, maintaining the deep textures of Wright’s earlier recordings while delving more into tight locked grooves, sounding heavier and doomier. Picture Black Sabbath playing space era Pink Floyd with the rawness of early Hawkwind and you 'll get the groove.

    "Evolution" is his latest offering, on the Essence Music label. On the album the duo of Wright and Osborne, remain -for the most part- focused on the space rock mode of the live band. The sound is build around long-form doomy riffing (which is always tight, yet with a trance-like aura), lysergic guitar excursions and cosmic electronic effects. From the earlier Expo ’70 solo works they retain the long-form trance inducing heady guitar jams, but this time these are heavier and effortlesly co-exist with washes of spatial electronic effects.

    The whole album is a dark cosmic soundscape. It kicks-off with "Sucking The Chrome Of A Tailpipe / Nebula Raga", a nasty repetitive Hawkwind propelling rhythm with a stoner edge. When the jam becomes explosive, the listener is suddenly thrown within a kraut influenced electronic drone that borders onto early Heldon/Ariel Kalma galactic travels. The piece slowly evolves into the third track "Chrome Fingertips", an early 80s industrial drone with meditative qualities. Then "Echoes Of Ether" restores the heaviness with a Sleep-like doom mantra enrichened with spiralling guitar leads that stretch to the nether regions of the universe. The album's closer "Vision/Sight" two tracks suite returns to the spacerock of the beginning; yet not so directly but in a slow-burning manner that seems to drag endlessly without arriving to any form of climax, like debris orbiting ad infinitum in the dark vastness of the cosmos.

    J.G. Wright and Co made here a stellar comeback of epic proportions. Best cosmic/psych album of the year thus far. Yes, it's that good!

    You can listen and get it here. Don't forget your doobies...
    Macht das ohr auf!


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    If you're actually reading this then chances are you already have my last album but if NOT and you're curious:

    Also, Ephemeral Sun: it's a thing and we like making things that might be your thing:

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    Thanks, I'm in! Listened to some, ordered the vinyl. Will spin up the digital as soon as it doesn't disrupt WFH.


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