Hello, this Sunday 5/30/21 from 10pm to Midnight EST the Prog-Rock Diner on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon) is celebrating a few birthdays with Sun Ra, Marshall Allen and Miles Davis with some other added goodies on the menu. We'll start off with Sun Ra and His Arkestra, 4S'D, Frank Wyatt and Friends, John McLaughlin and then Miles Davis, Martin Newell with Andy Partridge and Harlingtox (w/Dave Grohl). Please join me and as always comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope you're having a safe Memorial Day weekend and thanks so much for listening.

SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA - The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters - Greatest Hits
SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA - The Perfect Man - Greatest Hits
4S'D - The Deep - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Little Fish Hooks - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Sophie's Adventure - Man of Muffin
FRANK WYATT AND FRIENDS - Zeitgeist - Zeitgeist
FRANK WYATT AND FRIENDS - Leaving - Zeitgeist
FRANK WYATT AND FRIENDS - Twelve Jumps - Zeitgeist
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Dragon Song - Devotion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Siren - Devotion
SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA - Medicine For A Nightmare - Greatest Hits

MILES DAVIS - Yesternow - A Tribute To Jack Johnson
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Devotion - Devotion
MARTIN NEWELL/ANDY PARTRIDGE - The Green Gold Girl of Summer - The Greatest Living Englishman
MARTIN NEWELL/ANDY PARTRIDGE - An Englishman's Home - The Greatest Living Englishman
HARLINGTOX - Orbiting Prisons In Space - Angel Divine
HARLINGTOX - Recycled Children Never To Be Grown - Angel Divine