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Thread: Kimara Sajn new album - "Ghosts At Play"

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    Kimara Sajn new album - "Ghosts At Play"

    Hello friends and others,

    This is just a quick note to let folks know my album "Ghosts At Play" will be officially released in June. As in i've made it ready for official sharing on media to others, including (and only really) CD media. Artwork and credits (or something resembling them) and possibly snarky remarks can be found at the links below, along with the stream itself. Click the cover splash image, yada yada.

    You can also sample this music in part or in its entirety via the Soundcloud stream embedded below. Soon you'll be able to even purchase it, should you want to, for yourself, your friends, your family, your pets, as a bribe to your favourite politician and like that

    Ok. Enough silliness... here is this with the aforementioned links below it.

    Kimara Sajn "Ghosts At Play"

    We hope you enjoy this little avant-ambient bit of surreality. At the very end, it is meant that you should dance until your feet are bloody stumps

    No, really. Peace doggies to everyone. Stay safe, sane and special,


    There is also still this previous one - and all previous others - which came out at the end of December 2020 (yay the end of 2020). It's more of a rocker.

    Polyethylene Pet/+1 "The Masks We Will Wear"

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    Love the new song, Kim. It sounds great.

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like I'll have to pick this one up on CD too.

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    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Note that the whole album is there at Soundcloud, so it will play the whole thing.

    Just FYI: this came out officially today. Yay


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