Hello, this Sunday 5/23/21 from 10pm to Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia (Verizon, COX ) The Prog-Rock Diner has some brand new items on the menu as well as a bit older to balance the selections. You'll savor the brand new Spirits Burning release as well as ThereIsNoTime. We'll then sample the ProgDay 2001 CD with Yeti, The Muffins and Polydactyl followed by some early Shylock. Back to the new releases with more Spirits Burning, Illegal Aliens and Confusion Field. Please join me and as always feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week.

SPIRITS BURNING - Evolution Ritual - Evolution Ritual
SPIRITS BURNING - Caves - Evolution Ritual
SPIRITS BURNING - The Laws of Umber - Evolution Ritual
THEREISNOTIME - Better Than Here - ThereIsNoTime
THEREISNOTIME - Forward Thinking - ThereIsNoTime
THEREISNOTIME - Controlling The Machine - ThereIsNoTime
YETI - Interstellar Bi-Plane - ProgDay 2001
YETI - Two Fingers - ProgDay 2001
THE MUFFINS - East of Diamond - ProgDay 2001

POLYDACTYL - Altitude - ProgDay 2001
POLYDACTYL - Route 666 - ProgDay 2001
SHYLOCK - Le Quatrieme - Gialorques
SPIRITS BURNING - Spruce - Evolution Ritual
SPIRITS BURNING - Night of the Moon Dial - Evolution Ritual
ILLEGAL ALIENS - Bazooka - The Round Window
ILLEGAL ALIENS - Square Ball Jazz - The Round Window
CONFUSION FIELD - Zen Garden Moment - Disconnection Complete
CONFUSION FIELD - Connecting The Dots - Disconnection Complete