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Thread: RIP Phil Naro of Druckfarben

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    RIP Phil Naro of Druckfarben

    Very sad to hear from friends and family that Phil Naro, lead singer of Druckfarben, Talas, Backhand, Unified Past and many more, passed away last night after a valiant battle against throat cancer. He was surrounded by loved ones at his home in Rochester.

    Phil was an incredibly gifted singer and musician, and more so, one of the nicest, kindest, most down to earth guys, that you could ever hope to meet. I am honoured to have known him, worked with him and to have called him a friend. RIP.

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    Damn. Very sad to hear this. Enjoyed working with him a few years ago for a one-off gig. RIP Phil.
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    RIP Phil. Cancer sucks! His music lives on.

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    Yeah very sad. I had just finished doing his CD artwork this weekend for his new band LIPS TURN BLUE. He was in good health and sounded amazing on this album. But all of a sudden the cancer returned out of nowhere, and it was quick.

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    Oh shit, I didn't even know he was sick. I became Facebook friends with him after seeing him perform with Backhand at ProgDay in 2014. Seemed like a real nice guy, always posting pics of his current projects and such. I hadn't thought about it, but I guess that must be why I haven't seen much of him lately. So sorry to hear to hear this. RIP

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    How awful... I had no idea the cancer had come back. So sorry to hear this.

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    R.I.P. Phil. I saw Talas around 1984 opening for Yngwie in Chicago. I became a Drukfarben fan a few years back, and it took me a while to realize where his name sounded familiar from.

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    End of an era...Phil had an amazing voice. I once asked him how he hit those high notes, he replied "I just open my mouth and it all happens" We are gonna miss you Phil, R.I.P. Here is a photo of Phil, Bill & I taken at a Druckfarben CD release party.
    Druckfarben CD release party.jpg
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    Damn, that sucks. Saw him a few times with various bands. Great performer. And he was from my neck of the woods.

    RIP Brother


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    Very sad. Another talented and very nice guy lost to cancer. My condolences to his family, friends, and the many musicians who worked with him over the years, and his many, many fans.

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    Saw this on Facebook yesterday. Very sad. I met Phil briefly at ProgDay and ROSfest when he played those festivals and he seemed like a really nice guy. I spun the Backhand album yesterday and I still think it is a great album.

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    That really sucks!!! I love those Druckfarben albums and was hoping for another...
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