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Thread: Darryl Way to Release Destinations 2 on Spirit of Unicorn Music, May 28th 2021

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    Darryl Way to Release Destinations 2 on Spirit of Unicorn Music, May 28th 2021

    Legendary Violinist Darryl Way to Release Destinations 2 on Spirit of Unicorn Music, May 28th 2021

    Destinations 2 is a follow up to his critically acclaimed album Destinations, which was voted number 3 in Goldmine Magazines top 100 albums of 2020. Prog Rock said of this album: This is Guitar Hero as arch-melody maker, putting his chops in service of each songs mood. This is an artist searching for and finding a fresh way to express his unquestionable talent.

    Talking about his new album Darryl says:

    Like Destinations, Destinations 2 sets out to take the listener on a journey to far off and exotic locations, something that in reality is very difficult for us to do at the moment. These tracks are journeys of the mind and are my interpretation of the atmosphere's and music of each different location, from Sun Baked Mexico to Bohemian Budapest.

    Set mostly in a Rock format, the tracks are tempered by my new found love of playing the Guitar and my continuing love for playing the Violin. So the pieces themselves lean towards genres where the Guitar and Violin are features of that particular style. However, when the music needs to be more expansive, I have not been able to resist orchestrating it for full orchestra, giving the piece more cinematic depth.

    As this music is essentially Program Music, I've also included in the sleeve notes of this album my descriptions of the pieces. As with works like Vivaldis Four Seasons and Berliozs Symphonie Fantastique, it's sometimes helpful for the listener to know what the composers original intentions were.

    Having said that, Im just as happy for the listener to make up their own stories for the music.

    Finally, I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did creating it.

    Darryl Way. 2021

    To pre-order Darryl Ways Destinations 2:

    Watch excerpts from Darryl Way's Destinations 2:

    Darryl Ways official website:

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA),

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    I really enjoy Darryl's playing on Curved Air. Deserves at least one post.
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    I liked some of the stuff on the Wolf albums as well. Definitely deserves a couple of posts relative to his current, adventurous direction.


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