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Thread: Mastermind Free Livestream Concert Tomorrow, Fri. April 23, 7PM EST

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    Mastermind Free Livestream Concert Tomorrow, Fri. April 23, 7PM EST

    Bill Berends and his new(ish) Brazilian band (he lives in Brazil now) are livestreaming a recorded 50-minute concert playing a set of Mastermind's music, including rarely played songs.

    As mentioned, it's prerecorded, but the band hasn't even seen it yet! No edits or overdubs, etc.

    Go to Bill's website and scroll down a bit for the info. There's a Brazilian site you have to register with to get the link to the show, but it's free. On a smartphone you have to install an app. (you can get to the info from Bill's FB page too I believe.
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    Mastermind is really really good.
    Saw them open for Fish in Pontiac Michigan and they kicked butt!
    Hopefully since it's prerecorded, they will make it available in some other media at a later date.
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