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Thread: My new song and video Bethany's Song

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    My new song and video Bethany's Song

    Written/Recorded from March 11, 2021-April 12, 2021.

    Bethany's Song is the story of a young woman who leaves home to pursue her dream of becoming famous and be a star.
    I'm including the video in this post along with the Soundcloud version.
    I'm also posting the lyrics at the bottom of this post for those who like to have them available.
    Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening.

    and the video:

    Bethany was beautiful
    with a smile like the sun
    she danced before her mirror
    and dreamed of being one
    limousines and videos
    and parties with the stars
    I'll be a star, my name in lights
    and everyone will know who I am
    ah ah ah goodbye
    know I love you but I have to go
    pack my bags and hit the road
    I'm free

    She took the train
    met a girl named Doris
    "it's ok honey nobody says the truth"
    "know that it's just a game
    don't fall through it
    it's all so phony, every word they say
    be yourself and don't"
    yeah money, making the prize
    Aston wants to make a movie, never made a curtain call
    no one there to hear him fall....oh no!
    Ami took me to a party
    met some friends and insiders
    maybe we'll get lucky
    Bobby said he was an agent
    "like the look, but we'll redo you"
    telling everyone, everyone you know.."she's smart money"
    just wanna say oh, oh no no
    heart still pounding
    everybody takes somebody
    taking the prize

    I feel strange
    and I should go
    I keep looking at the world I know

    I'm coming home
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