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Thread: On the HEAVY side of things.

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    On the HEAVY side of things.

    Judging from the interest a music from the likes of Elder generates here at PE, perhaps of interest will be also the two entries below. These are the most recent albums from Samsara Blues Experiment and Big Scenic Nowhere. Both are heavy but with progressive touches. Hope you enjoy both as much as I do.

    "Confusion Will Be My Epitaph"

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    No takers on these yet?

    Listen to the track 5 (Hidden Wall) from the Big Scenic Nowhere.
    "Confusion Will Be My Epitaph"

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    No prog, but may be of interest to some people here based on the interest in the band. More information in the link below, with one track from it.

    "On May 28th, Cirith Ungol will release their new EP, “Half Past Human”, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview, the new single, “Brutish Manchild”, can be heard below."

    "Confusion Will Be My Epitaph"


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