Hello, this Sunday 4/11/21 from 10pm to Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax The Prog-Rock Diner is having a 'pot luck' dinner! Most of the 'meal' will be very randomly picked (eyes closed and wherever my hand landed on my collection). Starting with some Osanna followed by Steve Hillage, Hoelderlin, Radio Massacre International, Talisma and Somnambulist. Then a couple of promos that I just got that I didn't completely preview so we could 'discover' the flavors together with some O.A.K. (another older release-I played some of a newer one last week) and Silent Orchestra. I hope you enjoy some of this musical meal! Please let me know and thanks again for listening. Have a wonderful week!

OSANNA - Mirror Train - L'Uomo
OSANNA - Non Sei Vissuto Mai - L'Uomo
STEVE HILLAGE - Hurdy Gurdy Glissando - L
STEVE HILLAGE - Electrick Gypsies - L
HOELDERLIN - Phasing - Clowns & Clouds
RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL - Mad Bob's Self Inflicted Torment - Emissaries
RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL - The Ice Garden (excerpt) - Emissaries

TALISMA - Introssimo - Quelque Part
TALISMA - Basse de Fou - Quelque Part
TALISMA - Ibliss - Quelque Part
SOMNAMBULIST - In The Mindwarp Pavillion - The Paranormal Humidor
SOMNAMBULIST - Pathos of Least Resistance - The Paranormal Humidor
O.A.K. - Campo de Fiori - Giordano Bruno
O.A.K. - Viator Temporis - Giordano Bruno
O.A.K. - Liber In Tiberi - Giordano Bruno
O.A.K. - Angeli senza ali - Giordano Bruno
SILENT ORCHESTRA - The Fall of the House of Usher - Poe A Dream Within A Dream
SILENT ORCHESTRA - Mesmeric Revelation - Poe A Dream Within A Dream