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Thread: War (The Band)

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    War (The Band)

    With the recent death of BB Dickerson I have been re-discovering the music of War. All that I own is a 2CD compilation, which is really good, but if I were to explore some of their albums what would you folks recommend as a starting point?

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    I don't know their albums very well but I like Eric Burdon Declares War and All Day Music.

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    Yeah start with The World is A Ghetto. We forget that their first couple albums were with Eric Burdon and WAR. Spill The Wine was with War I think.

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    Without any real knowledge, I would still say start at the beginning.

    One of the first records I ever bought was "The World Is A Ghetto" 45 rpm single. Even as I got into Prog-Rock, I still got into War.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dt2 View Post
    for me their best is The World Is a Ghetto.
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    Both album with Eric Burdon are recommended.
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    TBH (but I'm not sure I'm that objective), I think that everything up until Why Can't We Be Friends (their 75 album with Low Rider) is definitely worthy, the self-titled (from 71 is slightly less essential (I guess they were searching for a direction after the departure of Burdon)

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    Both album with Eric Burdon are recommended.
    yes, definitely those two (I have a preference for Declares War), but World Is A Ghetto and All Day Music are certainly their better one without him. And Deliver The World is also quite good

    their double live album is also quite worthy and so is the Love Is All Around (another Burdon/War release from 76)
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    They released a slew of albums in the 70's and you can't go wrong with a single one of them - all are worth owning.


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