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Thread: Your Number One Comfort-Prog Album

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    Your Number One Comfort-Prog Album

    Whatever "Comfort Prog" means to you.

    Despite it having been a warm day, I was feeling chilly and a bit bleak tonight, so I thought "Quick, put on the most obvious comfort-prog album. I immediately reached for Jethro Tull's "Songs from the Wood."

    What would YOU put on? (Just a bit of fun, let's try not to get into notions of "guilty pleasures" or "prog snobs" or any such things.) Try not to think too hard.
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    Has to be Cardiacs - On land and in the Sea.

    Probably for many not an obvious choice but whenever I had a bad day I put this album on and live is good again.

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    Rotters Club for me.

    Or if I'm feeling mellow, Good Morning by Daevid Allen and Euterpe.

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    It tends to change over the years but at the moment its probably Schooltree Heterotopia. If not that then one of Snow Goose, Lamb or TaaB. And yes, those are all concept albums. For a non-concept album, it would be Zappa's One Size Fits All but many might not consider that prog.

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    I'm not sure there is one, it depends on the mood. If I don't think too hard though, PF's Obscured by Clouds comes to mind, because it always leads me to a quiet place. (But it may be the less experimental or proggy Floyd record.) "Comfort" here is related to familiarity, since this record is related to a special time in my childhhood.
    Thick As a Brick brings another kind of comfort - upbeat, joyous, a bit silly. Other suggestions in this thread work very well when it comes to overcoming bleak feelings : Songs from the Wood, Rotters Club.
    If "comfort" is related to predictable (symph) prog elements (mellotron, moog, epics, etc), any of the latest IQ albums works fine. And Peter Nicholls' voice has a soothing effect too.

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    Comfort prog - great concept, and very apt these days. Albums I can listen to which will wash over me like a wave of the best chicken soup, curing what ails me and never failing to leave me with a smile:

    • Olias of Sunhillow
    • Animals
    • Close to the Edge
    • Foxtrot
    • Wooden Smoke (prog-adjacent at least, IMO)

    There are others, but those come to mind immediately.
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    Genesis "Wind and Wuthering" or Yes "Going for the One"

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    I do not know whether it would qualify as a comfort album since I do not turn to it very frequently but if anything the following albums would qualify:
    Genesis -SEBTP
    After Crying - MeM
    Roy Harper - Stormcock

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    Picchio dal Pozzo’s s/t
    Tasavallan Presidenti - Lambertland

    No matter how bad life may get, when I listen to these life is good.

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    Comfort sort of implies not excitement inducing, so that knocks out a bunch of favorites.
    Snow Goose ( original, not remake )
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    As comforting as a soft, warm blanket and cup of creamery coffee on a chilly, rainy, sunless day in April:

    Rain Dances.jpg

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    Hard to say, but Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom did come to mind quickly.
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    I can't narrow it down to just one.

    A trick of the tail
    Dark side of the moon
    The Yes Album/Fragile
    Moving Pictures/Permanent Waves

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    Some already mentioned, and TD's Logos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by groon View Post
    Rotters Club for me.
    Excellent choice. Camel's Moonmadness also scratches the same itch for me.

    And it's interesting how many of us are picking Camel albums.
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    I think after all of these years I am so familiar with the acknowledged classics of the genre, that I no longer reach for them as often.

    The albums I never grow tired of are few, and most often Canterbury in flavour, so Rotters Club, Land of Grey & Pink and Angels Egg would be a triumvirate to satisfy whatever mood I find myself in.

    Camel’s Snow Goose also never loses its appeal, and as they were the first band I ever saw live, and in fact on this tour, it always transports me to a beautiful place.

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    Spock’s Beard V
    Selling England by the Pound
    Gentle Giant Live (Playing the Fool)
    Fish Out of Water

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    National Health's Of Queues and Cures is a fine combination of intense progginess, cheery atmosphere, pleasant associations, and an overall sense of Gemütlichkeit.
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    Western Culture by Henry Cow or A Passion Play by Jethro Tull.

    Seriously, I put them on and I can relax.

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    Love these suggestions

    National Health - Of Queues and Cures
    Camel - Moonmadness
    Roy Harper - Stormcock

    I'll add

    Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun
    Nik Bartsch Ronin - Live
    The Future Kings Of England - The Fate Of Old Mother Orvis

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    Peter Gabriel 1 (Car), followed closely by Nightwinds.

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    Camel - Raindances
    Renaissance - Song For All Seasons
    Banco - Live in Mexico
    Eris Pluvia - Rings Of Earthly Light

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    Comfort prog is tough to define, but anything by Cardiacs puts me in a mood that I don't get from any other artist.

    Other stuff that just makes me happy:

    Canterbury (especially Rotters' Club, NH, Gong, Kevin Ayers, Caravan, early Soft Machine)
    Beardfish - especially The Sane Day, Sleeping in Traffic one and two
    Tull - Basically everything from 68 - 84ish
    Lots of Zappa
    Can, Amon Duul ii, Faust, TD, Neu!, Ash Ra Temple, Cluster
    PFM - Storia and Amico, Locanda Della Fate
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    Gong: Shamal (1976)
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    Magma- Live
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