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Thread: Fly Away Home from Iain Hornal of 10cc/Three Friends/ARW/ELO

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    Fly Away Home from Iain Hornal of 10cc/Three Friends/ARW/ELO

    Iain Hornal was the bassist for Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman on two tours, subbing for Lee Pomeroy, with whom he works in Jeff Lynne's ELO, where he plays guitar and sings. Hornal sings and plays guitar in the current 10cc, as well as being in Graham Gouldman's solo band (Heart Full of Songs). He's also been the lead vocalist for Gentle Giant spin-off band Three Friends. Fly Away Home is his second solo album, out on general release today (after release to crowdfunders in 2020): buy it at or on Bandcamp at . There is also a live online album launch at 8pm UK time: . The album was recorded remotely in lockdown, with Hornal working with fellow ELO member Jo Webb (guitars, keys, co-producer, mixer).

    Hornal kindly sent me the album and I am much enjoying it. This is a singer/songwriter album based around Hornal's vocals, and he is playing acoustic guitar as much as bass. The vocals are intimate and moving, with witty lyrics ranging from romantic love to the more contemplative "Everybody Else". I hear influences from ELO, Paul McCartney and Graham Gouldman. (The one song that jumped out as having a Gouldman influence is "I Can't Tell You", which it turns out was co-written by him. Gouldman also guests singing on a different piece, "The One to Blame".) While there is lots of acoustic guitar and piano, there are also full band performances. "Welcome to the World" and "Find a Home" have some nice arrangements, both doing the trick of starting simple and acoustic and building to something more complex. Webb turns in a tasteful guitar solo on the latter.

    If you want something proggier, Hornal and Gouldman co-wrote a piece called "Say the Word" on his first solo album, with Kevin Godley and Matt Berry also performing:

    Where Are They Now? Yes news:
    Blogdegezou, the accompanying blog:

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    I really like the song on the video.
    I remember after the release of the Jeff Lynne Live at Wembley concert DVD,wondering who the guy was on stage singing backup for Jeff. His voice impressed me so much I did a internet/YT search and learned he wasn't just some backup singer, but quite a talented musician in his own right.

    The songwriting and recording on this are very good, and while his influences and inspiration are evident, he's still his own person on this song.

    I hope he does well with sales on this and finds a lot of new fans who will like his music for being him, and not some support guy.

    Thanks for posting this Henry.
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