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    Harvey Mandel

    Any fans of this great guitarist, who played with Canned Heat at Woodstock, auditioned for (and played with) The Rolling Stones, and also made a string of great solo albums in the late 60's and early 70's? I just got Snake Box, a six CD boxset that contains his first five solo albums, plus a live disc featuring him jamming with Jerry Garcia and Elvin Bishop. Really enjoying finally hearing more of his music.

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    Yes indeed...great guitarist! There was a recent post about him in December. Here is what I said:

    Here's another dream come true concert that I attended: I believe it was 1974. Harvey Mandel with The Pure Food And Drug Act opening for Gentle Giant at The Whiskey A Go Go, in Hollywood. A buddy and I were fans of both bands and we stayed for both sets. Over the evening we consumed lines on the mirror, the green bud and plenty of booze. We sat in the balcony that overlooked the audience and stage. On Harvey's sets we kept yelling for a favorite tune, Bite The Electric Eel. On the encore of the last set Harvey gave in and played it! My friend and I stood up and cheered! What a show! and Gentle Giant? Jaw dropping! Totally unforgettable, just wow!
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    I love the man and his music and need that boxed set.
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