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Thread: Yochk'o Seffer Interview from 1978 in WaPo

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    Yochk'o Seffer Interview from 1978 in WaPo

    I'm listening to Yochk'o Seffer's 1978 album Ghilgoul, and on a Google search this short but interesting 1978 interview in the Washington Post came up. I didn't know anything about him - not even that he's Hungarian. This interview/article hints at more questions than it answers, but it could be a good jumping off point, as I'd like to know more about the US tour and his life than is covered.

    (I didn't hit a paywall, but if you do let me know and I can probably manage to post the text here.) Ghilgoul is great! I had an unopened CD, so finally cracked it open! I like it much more than Zao, I think because the drummer is so excellent, also the strings.
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    Boy, I sure wish I had all 8 of those records Magma recorded between 1970-73!

    Man, if he was 39 in 1978, he's 82 now!
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    He also played with the Muffins when he came to DC.

    and YES, Ghigoul is a GREAT album.
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