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Thread: Major Parkinson - Songs From A Solitary Home

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    Major Parkinson - Songs From A Solitary Home

    🇳🇴, 2010.
    Interesting "shorter" review on PA about this album.
    We still have a <5min duration for each track.
    It would kind of sounds like a Quentin Tarentino soundtrack,
    but it's more than this, really.
    Their talent gradually maturates into a prog rock factory,
    adding more instruments and arrangements with each track,
    a shy mellotron remaining quiet or in the very background,
    featuring this highly expressive voice,
    contrasted with the angel female voice involved into a couple of beautiful / essential tracks,
    e.g. like #10 Heart of Hickory.
    They deserve this 4/5 ratings, as they also deserve to be a famous band worldwide.

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    Highly Evolved Orangutan JKL2000's Avatar
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    I'll be checking out this band soon.
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    Jon Neudorf
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    They are a very good band imo, although some may find them a little 'dark', even unsettling.


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