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Thread: Al Stewart Year of the Cat re-release

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    Gave it a first spin (and heard 1/2 the live set) What an enjoyable evening it was! I didn't have this album in my playlists. I realized I had the live versions of most of the tunes in the playlists so hearing the original studio versions was fun. I'll have to revisit, but I think I heard a few bits of new keyboards on the first track. YOTC wasn't my favorite AS album....It was Past, Present & Future.

    Might dig through my Ticket Stubs today, I might have been at that Seattle concert! Stubs in a cigar box (with my dates name on the back) but in the early days, I put the stubs (and Tour Book) in the album cover. A fun scavenger hunt!
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    Picked up the 2 cd version today. Listened to the studio album and found the remaster to be a bit bright for my tastes. Have to listen to it on the home stereo and see if I get the same feeling. It does reveal some nuances that Iíve never heard before.


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