Hello, this week on Sunday 3/21/21 from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax The Prog-Rock Diner during the 1st hour pays tribute to 3 we lost recently: Jewlia Eisenberg of Charming Hostess, Roger Trigaux with early Univers Zero and James Mac Gaw of Magma. The 2nd hour serves some more 'kraut' rock in celebration of the recent Krautrock II DVD release with Frumpy, Can and Faust. Please join me if you can. I welcome comments and suggestions and thanks so much for listening. Take care and have a great week!

CHARMING HOSTESS - Laws of Physics - EAT
CHARMING HOSTESS - Won't You Keep Us Working - EAT
CHARMING HOSTESS - Give Him a Little Time - EAT
UNIVERS ZERO - Docteur Petiot - Univers Zero
UNIVERS ZERO - Malaise - Univers Zero
MAGMA - K.A. III - Live In Tokyo

FRUMPY - Take Care of Illusion - Frumpy 2
FRUMPY - Duty - Frumpy 2
CAN - Splash - Soon Over Babaluma
CAN - Yoo Doo Right - Monster Movie
FAUST - Jai Mai Aux Dents - The Faust Tapes