Mike Tiano to Release Tuneful Prog Album Cretisvan Featuring Billy Sherwood, David Sancious, Randy George and More March 12

Mixed by Steve Smith (Supertramp, Heart, Cheap Trick)

Mike Tiano is known for his bringing Yes into the Internet age. After helming one of the first online fanzines Notes From the Edge Mike created their official web site YesWorld, and for well over a decade was their web site manager.

Mike is also a musician and songwriter in his own right, now releasing Cretisvan which he characterizes as his lifes work and is informally calling the album his audiobiography. As he explains, This album is culled from many of my best compositions, written throughout my adulthood. Ive rarely performed these, and had only recently produced them.

What is evident is Mikes being inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and of course Yes. The tunes are in the vein of early progressive rock: lots of heart along with catchy melodies, recurring themes, sonic instrumental flights, shifting dynamics, and the kind of tuneful content which is sorely missing in todays popular musical scene. Many who miss classic rock in general will find much to enjoy here. Mikes influences are apparent throughout the album, including the Zeppelin-esque Automaton; the Yes-like Triad; the Beatles-inspired (Because) You Win; the surprising Buffalo Springfield vibe of A Natural; and Mikes prog influences in general on the epic Emerge Triumphant, which features a live orchestra.

Every track was written and arranged by Mike, who is lead vocalist and handles the lions share of the guitar work. While he also produced ten of the twelve tracks the remaining two were handled by Yes member Billy Sherwood on Different Drummer while the instrumental Dance of the Little Guys is the work of Randy George, bassist for the Neal Morse Band. Both musicians perform on those respective songs.

Other accomplished musicians gracing Cretisvan include David Sancious (Bruce Springsteens E Street Band, Jon Andersons album Animation); keyboard wizard and orchestrator Jonathan Sindelman (Keith Emerson Band, The Magic Band/Captain Beefheart); guitarist Steve McKnight (Cry Wolf, GayC/DC); keyboardist Rick Daugherty (the reformed Flash); vocalist Joanne Perica; and a host of notable Seattle-area talents.

Mike attributes the albums exquisite mix to Grammy winner Steve Smith. Steve began his career as assistant engineer on Stevie Wonders Songs in the Key of Life and was a member of legendary Beatles engineer Geoff Emericks production team for Supertramps Even in the Quietest Moments, where Steve participated on the hit Give a Little Bit. Steve would go on to apply his talents on projects for Heart, Cheap Trick, Donna Summer, Garth Brooks, and video game orchestrations for Michael Giacchino to name a very few.

But what the heck is Cretisvan? When he was young Mike aspired to be a cartoonist; in his late teens and early 20s he created spacey cartoon collages. To title this style of art he used a word unique to his own historyone that you wont find in a dictionary (yet). Mike would use Creetisvan (no accent over the second e) for that art and later for his musical performances, and when he decided to retain it for the title of the album he added that accent to include the word createdenoting his devotion to artistry and creativity. Bringing his artistic journey full circle some of the original artwork he created as a young adult will be found on the inside cover.

Here's whats being said about Mike Tianos Cretisvan:

Mike Tianos project is adventurous, sonically rich and both enjoyable and refreshing. Lee Abrams

Mike has crafted an album that is true to his progressive rock influences as well as pop sensibilities in the style of the Beatles. Randy George (The Neal Morse Band)

Cretisvan is a lovely, creative album that pulls at my heartstrings with a revitalized British rock sound, very much in the mold of the later Beatles and earlier progressive rock. Tianos voice takes me back to Peter Gabriels in the earlier Genesis albums, and the sonic landscape is lush and dreamy. The album is a wonderful work, a rich vein where musical miners will hit the motherlode and be splendidly rewarded. Bill Martin: Philosopher, musician, author (Music of Yes & many others)

Cretisvan harkens back to that creative time period of the late 1960s, early 1970s: impactful with certain amounts of melodic content permeated throughout. Its very authentic. Steve Smith, Grammy-Winning Recording Engineer

This is the kind of music that we need right now. Colin (Person on the Seattle street)

About Mike Tiano: After living in L.A. for most of his life Mike moved to the Seattle area in the late 1980s to pursue a career in technology, and to begin recording his songs in earnest. Mike would join Microsoft where he remained for nearly twenty years in various roles, including primary Test Engineer for two brand-new features in Windows 95: the Taskbar and the Start Menu. In 1993 Mike became editor for Notes From the Edge, publishing innumerous interviews with Yes members. After convincing Yes to launch their official site Mike created its original schema, and as Site Manager oversaw the official band and various member sites. Mike provided the liner notes for four of the Yes remasters from Rhino, and is currently a contributor to the online media journal Something Else! Reviews.

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