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Thread: Markus Reuter PODCAST #011: Corrado Rustici

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    Markus Reuter PODCAST #011: Corrado Rustici

    This one sounds interesting (also in Podcast 010 he interviewed Anil Prasad - I have yet to listen to that one, but it should be interesting as well):


    Welcome Corrado Rustici to this week's podcast. He's got amazing stories to tell.

    Rustici was a founder member of the progressive rock group Cervello, that was based in Naples. This group recorded the album Melos in 1973, with Rustici on guitar and vocals. In 1975, he joined with members of Osanna, including his brother Danilo, to form the group Nova. In 1976, they recorded the album Blink. For the next two albums Vimana (1976) and Wings of Love (1977), they relocated to London and worked with prominent members of the progressive rock and jazz fusion scenes, including Narada Michael Walden and Phil Collins. The final album, Sun City (1978) was recorded in New York. After the disbandment of Nova, Rustici began a successful career as a producer and musician with many famous artists both in the United States and Italy. These have included Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Zucchero and Elisa.

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    Rustici's new album is a wonderful mix of melodic jazz-rock based on fascinating drum-programming.


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