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Thread: Rompan Todo Rockumentary South American Rock

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    Rompan Todo Rockumentary South American Rock

    Rompan Todo ( Break It All ) is a great Rockumentary about South American Rock on Netflix , presentes as a mini series of 6 episodes ( about 5h1/2) going from early 60s , prog to today ...with interesting comments about the political background.

    Dieter Moebius : "Art people like things they donít understand!"

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    Excellent documentary, mostly focused in Argentina and Mexico

    Understandable, Gustavo Santaolalla (Arco Iris) is one of the producers, twice academy award winner and one of the early founders of the folk prog movement in Argentina.

    Anibal Kerpel (Crucis is deeply involved, they are band buddies)

    Many great bands from countries that were not even mentioned completely left out, unfortunately.


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