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Thread: The Canvas Prog Hour # 609 City Boy-"Dinner At The Ritz"-1977

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    The Canvas Prog Hour # 609 City Boy-"Dinner At The Ritz"-1977

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    The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 609
    In Focus-City Boy-"Dinner At The Ritz"-1977

    Jefferson Starship-Winds Of Change-Winds Of Change-1982 (Aynsley Dunbar)
    Yesterday And Today-Sweetness-50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes-2018 (Dave Kerzner & Fernando Perdomo)
    Yes-Bumpy Ride/We Can Fly (Reprise)-Fly From Here-2011 (Geoff Downes & Trevor Horn)
    Jeff Beck-Led Boots-Wired-1976 (Narada Michael Walden & Jan Hammer)
    The Lickerish Quartet-Lighthouse Spaceship-Threesome Vol. 1-2020 (Roger Joseph Manning Jr)
    Jellyfish-Hush/Joining A Fanclub/Sebrena Paste And Plato-Spilt Milk-1993
    Queen-Keep Yourself Alive-Queen-1973
    Adam Nitti-Not Of This World-Not Of This World-2015
    Mogul Thrash-Dreams Of Glass & Sand-Mogul Thrash-1971 (John Wetton)
    Steve Miller Band-Wild Mountain Honey-Fly Like An Eagle-1976
    The Lumineers-Angela-Cleopatra-2016
    City Boy-Momma's Boy-Dinner At The Ritz-1977 (Mike Slamer)

    Eric Johnson-Austin-Up Close-2010
    Black Bonzo-Thorns Upon A Crown-Sound Of The Apocalypse-2007
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Circles-Watch-1978
    Karizma-Palladium-Document-2000 (Michael Landau & Vinnie Colaiuta) (live)
    Steven Wilson-Man Of The People-The Future Bites-2021
    Nad Sylvan-Whoa (Always Been Without You)-The Regal Bastard-2019 (Nick D'Virgilio)
    Kiyo-Sen-Watchout For Slippery Floors-Drumatica-2019 (Kiyomi Otaka & Senri Kawaguchi)
    Chroma Key-S.O.S.-Dead Air For Radios-1998 (Kevin Moore & Mark Zonder)
    Keith Emerson Band-Finale-Keith Emerson Band-2009 (Marc Bonilla)
    Thin Lizzy-Warriors-Jailbreak-1976 (Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham)
    City Boy-Walk On Water-Dinner At The Ritz-1977

    Big Big Train-Master James Of St.George-The Underfall Yard-2009 (Nick D'Virgilio)
    Big Big Train-Hedgerow-English Electric Part One-2012 (Dave Longdon)
    Big Big Train-On The Racing Line-Grimspound-2017 (Dave Gregory & Rikard Sjoblom)
    Helmet Of Gnats-Junkfish-Travelogue-2020
    Saga-Social Orphan-Heads Or Tales-1983
    Transatlantic-Reaching For The Skly-The Absolute Universe/The Breath Of Life-2021 (Pete Trewavas)
    The Electrik Rendezvous-Race With Devil On Spanish Highway-Warrior-2018
    Toto-Girl Goodbye-Toto-1978 (Steve Lukather & Jeff Porcaro)
    Frost*-Snowman-Milliontown-2006 (Jem Godfrey & John Mitchell)
    City Boy-Narcissus-Dinner At The Ritz-1977

    Canvas-Valkyrie Days-Long Way To Mars-2013
    Elton John-Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy-Captain Fantastic...-1975
    Chick Corea-Nitesprite-The Leprechaun-1976 (Steve Gadd & Anthony Jackson)
    Dave Kerzner-The Lie (2014)-Breakdown-2019 (Nick D'Virgilio)
    Producers-Freeway-Made In Basing Street-2012 (Trevor Horn)
    Genesis-Afterglow-Seconds Out-1977 (Chester Thompson) (live)
    Nektar-Skywriter-The Other Side-2020
    Return To Forever-The Magician-Romantic Warrior-1976 (Clarke, Corea, DiMeola & White)
    John Miles-Music-Rebel-1976
    City Boy-State Secrets-A Thriller-Dinner At The Ritz-1977
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