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Thread: Interesting take on the Lamb

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    Interesting take on the Lamb

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    Yeah, I saw that last week. Very talented musicians.
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    Stream o'Consciousness as I listen...

    The lead singer has the right range without slavishly imitating PG. This is a good thing.

    Seems like it's mostly just a faithful arrangement, leaving me to wonder what was so "interestig"...

    They chickened out on "Waiting Room", which is a pity because I'm pretty sure they could have carried it off.

    The female voices are probably better for the backing vox than Phil was.

    They do a superb rendition of "Silent Sorrow", probably my favorite Genesis instrumental passage.

    The mix/balance between instruments is, I think, better than any Genesis version I've heard.

    Overall I like this better, I think, than TMB, who do a weird hybrid of playing the studio album straight, while parrotting the live show. They're amazing, but I like this better. They're just playing the album, with no pretension of recreating anything that belongs in 1975.

    Actually, the percussionist adds a lot compared to the 1975 shows I've heard.

    "I'm in the cogony of slipperpain". Heh. Nice recovery.

    I see that separating the flute from the vocalist is a big plus.

    I just realized that "In the Rapids" is kind of the bastard child of "Apocalypse in 9/8".

    The percussionist is having a hell of a fun time, isn't she?

    Can't wait to see - um, hear - how they end "It"... Wow, that was unexpected!

    H'mm, 13 minutes to go on the video.

    "Firth of Fifth!" I was expecting "Watcher"... H'mmm, couldn't quite manage the fast bit near the end of the guitar solo, but covered for it well.

    Am I the only one who keeps seeing that singer as a young Steve Martin?

    Overall, thanks for sharing this!
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    Is it just me or does that drummer look just like Bill Bailey?

    And am I the only one who thinks the singer's delivery is very close to Kevin Gilbert's rendition from ProgFest 95?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulrus View Post
    Is it just me or does that drummer look just like Bill Bailey?
    Of "Bill Bailey Please Come Home" fame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moecurlythanu View Post
    Of "Bill Bailey Please Come Home" fame?
    We'll get to that tomorrow night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturgeon's Lawyer View Post
    Am I the only one who keeps seeing that singer as a young Steve Martin?

    Or maybe Julian Assange.

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    I have several favorite Genesis tribute bands, TMB being one, The Waiting Room from New York, the Genetics from Brazil to name a few.
    But to me the definite performance is the Kevin Gilbert one, the one with some guy named Dave on keyboards/synths.
    That show dances between honoring the music the way it was written and performed by Genesis and Kevin and the band's personal interpretation.

    Big thumbs up and respect to ANY band that will tackle doing the Lamb. Well done!
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