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Thread: Lo-Fi and Chillhop

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    Lo-Fi and Chillhop

    It has become this era's muzak or easy-listening. Background music for when you're doing something else. It's oddly relaxing.

    However, I'm not entirely sure if it's made by humans or not. Every "song" is about the same length and, frankly, they all sound like the same song with a slight variation. I don't know why I listen to this or even why it makes my anxiety feel better, but the sameness of it seems to be comforting without being boring.
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    If you're referring to "Chill", "Trip Hop", "Deep House", "Lounge" and even "Nu-Jazz", then count me in as an avid fan. I accumulated a large volume of this output over the years from the late 90's to the early 2010's, although I haven't bought any since then. I now turn all my attention to Prog, as it relates to new music purchases.

    It is relaxing for the most part but it has it's stirring moments and sometimes deeper instrumental parts as well. A lot of the Chillout compilations feature a good variety of artists to sample for further exploration.


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