Hello this Sunday 2/7/21 from 10pm to midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon) The Prog-Rock Diner will be serving a selection of new releases mixed with a few 'aged' ones. We'll start off with new Cloud Over Jupiter and Helmet of Gnats followed by an older release from Jack Dupon. We'll also dine on a brand new Jack Dupon release followed by a 'seasoned' release from Thinking Plague. Then an unreleased exclusive from David Poff followed by a tribute to those who have passed from the show Babylon 5 with music for the show by Christopher Franke. Please join me and thanks for listening! Have a great week!

CLOUD OVER JUPITER - Psalm - They're Here With Us..
CLOUD OVER JUPITER - Helium Histrionics - They're Here With Us..
CLOUD OVER JUPITER - Alien Pharoahs/They're Here With Us - They're Here With Us
HELMET OF GNATS - Silver Bitches - Travelogue
JACK DUPON - L'Homme a la Jambe qui Boit - L'Echelle du Desir
CLOUD OVER JUPITER - Seven Tides - They're Here With Us..

JACK DUPON - Rouge de Couleur poison - JackAQuinzeAns
JACK DUPON - Coyote Av. - JackAQuinzeAns
HELMET OF GNATS - American pt. 1&2 - Travelogue
THINKING PLAGUE - Organism - In this Life
DAVID POFF - Pagan - David Poff (unreleased)
CHRISTOPHER FRANKE - Track One (excerpt) - Babylon 5 In The Beginning