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Thread: Spinning John Wetton

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    Quote Originally Posted by arturs View Post
    I have found that Gravitas has the most staying power among the studio discs of the 2nd era of Asia. Might be the last studio disc he ever recorded.
    Man, I think that is by far the weakest of the "reunion" albums. Not sure if it reflects on Howe being missing, but the songwriting just isn't there, IMO.

    Diff'rent strokes and all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by polmico View Post
    I'm watching the Symphonia DVD today while getting some work done.

    Boy howdy, his voice is so strong on this recording. The orchestra doesn't add much. I've never thought to myself, "Boy, this Asia song really needs some strings here." But this a highly enjoyable concert, the more so given Wetton's health and vitality in it.
    I saw them twice during their post-Payne years, and was blown away both times by Wetton's vocals. So strong and clear.
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    John on vocals and bass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crawford Glissadevil View Post
    John on vocals and bass.
    John & Ken Hensley open with this song on their live 'More than Conqueres' DVD. Great show that I wish would get a BluRay update.


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