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This has become an interesting chat. Yes, there are younger fans and even the ones from the 80's are still in their 50's as you say and have the income to pay ticket prices for this tour (but that is another subject).

I had a thought about the "timeless" terminology; and those early 70's songs apply just as well as for example the songs that legends like Tony Bennett (as old as he is) who sings songs from the 50's and 60's still today and are staples on his shows. This accurate historical account would be similar to what Rush did for their final R40 tour when they started with Clockwork Angels and ended with Working Man from their Rush debut.

The same can be validated for Genesis, but still I would say the bulk of the setlist for this Domino" tour will be from the 1978-1992 Era even if us older fans would love to hear the old tunes for one last time.
I don't know if PC's son is up to the task of playing those older songs. That is not a knock on him, it is more complicated than PC solo. He sounds fine doing his Dad's stuff, I just don't know. They did go back and played parts or all of 7 songs from before the 3 man Genesis during the 2007 tour. The vast majority of fans are not from the Gabriel days. As an oldie, bring on The Knife or Supper's Ready, but that's not going to happen. The last time they played SR, Banks said most of the fans had no idea what that was. I'm interested to see the setlist. I just hope its not a clone of the 2007 tour.