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Thread: Oiapok - new year's gift (before crowfunding) - epic drum'n'bass jazz rock prog track

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    Oiapok - new year's gift (before crowfunding) - epic drum'n'bass jazz rock prog track

    Hello shiny proggy friends,

    my band Oiapok (formerly Camembert) just released an exclusive live track on youtube, which will be featured on our first album OisoLün (in studio version ).
    It's been recorded during the end of the lockdown in Strasbourg. I tried to mix future jazz like rythms with a symphonic approach, canterbury arrangements and steve reich like repetitive patterns.... At least that was my goal!

    The idea is that Frogs Might Disappear in a near future without no one caring .... The track is about Frog Dreams.

    I sincerely hope you will like that very rare footage of people playing on a stage during lockdown!

    For those interested, we will start a crowdfuning in the next ten days to record, mix, master, press and distribute the album.


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    NICE, Pierre!!
    Steve F.

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    Very cool. Love the harp! Great colorful instrumentation and arrangement.

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    Very nice combination! It sounds good!

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    Wonderful track! Count me in for the crowdfunding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedunno View Post
    Wonderful track! Count me in for the crowdfunding.

    thanks for your positive reactions!

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    New track Summer 19

    Quote Originally Posted by Udi Koomran View Post
    genial !
    and a new track is released today!

    It's called Summer 19.

    This track is about the last summer before covid 19: Summer 2019. It is also about Summer 2020, which relaunched covid 19. It is dedicated to all the 19 year old souls who were left alone during the last monthes, missed their first love and felt very anxious about a hidden world falling apart.

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    Both tracks are very nice, I'll certainly be in for this one.

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