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Thread: But This One Goes To.......62?

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    But This One Goes To.......62?

    Right. So, my tv's volume goes from 1-100, so does Mom's tv. Yet my car goes to 62. What number is that? How freaking arbitrary? It could be 79 or 83 or should I just ask who the hell is in charge of the Volume Department at the radio shop?

    62? Maybe it's just me, and it most likely is, but does that seem like a normal number to top out at? I would have been happier if it had been 42, at least there would have been a little humor thrown in.
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    Or even only 11

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    11 I would have understood. I'd get the joke but 62 is so random. I would even have been happy if it was just 60, while not a perfect number like, say, 50 or 100 it would have worked. But, 62?

    Guess I'll just have to deal with it. I don't think I can hack into the cars stereo and change it to a reasonable number. It's one of those idiotic things that just don't make sense, like I'm living in a Pratchett or Adams book.
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    My car's volume only goes up to 45, but it's a foreign car, and 45 is 72 in kilometers, so...

    no idea.


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