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Thread: 2 new Tzadik releases Wyxz & Red Fiction

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    2 new Tzadik releases Wyxz & Red Fiction

    2 Tzadik releases that caught my attention recently - both more rock then the typical Tzadik that is more jazzy etc.

    Odyx by Wyxz
    mmm...chamber metal math etc. complex featuring Matt Hollenberg (Cleric)

    Red Fiction – Visions
    of the Void Red Fiction of Jason Schimmel and mastermind of Estradasphere Atomic Ape and guitarist of Secret Chiefs 3. So this is full of Metal, jazz, math rock, improv, klezmer, Eastern European folk, spaghetti western etc.

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    And both under the Tzadik Spotlight moniker, which has been the label's more "out rock"-confinement this last decade with great stuff like Electric Epic, Many Arms and Les Rhinocéros.

    Thx for the HU.
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    Here's a Red Fiction video


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