Hi all!

I formed the band Melancholic Prosperity in mid-2020 and have been recording a concept album with progressive roots since then. I'm excited to announce a (realistic) release date of March 1st, 2021 for a physical CD release. A digital release will happen later on, but no definitive date is set yet.

The album (CD) is available for preorder for $10 USD including shipping to US addresses ($25 for international destinations) at the band's website: https://melapros.com

If you are unsure about buying "sight unseen," check out the single I released in July which showcases some of my songwriting style: "Funeral for a Shadow" - https://youtu.be/ljouWxaunUg

About the band/me: My name is Ryan Hankins and I have been a musician since... well, since the 3rd grade when I first started taking piano lessons. I have since become proficient at piano/keyboard, trumpet, and bass guitar. I have previously served as bassist for the following bands: Sons of Neptune, Fistful of Britney, and most recently, Dissonati.

About the album: While furloughed from work, I decided to put forth effort to check off a bucketlist item I've had: write/produce a concept album. I wanted something designed to play from beginning to end. It tells the story of an individual and some challenges he/she has (gender never disclosed). The concept seems similar to Tommy, but I can assure you it's a very different album. The album has underlying themes that the listener can decide for themselves what it is. The album has some guest artists for parts I was not comfortable performing myself, such as guitar. The album isn't completely finished at the moment, but it is sitting around 59 minutes with 7 songs. Most of the lengthier songs are multipart songs, or if you will, multiple songs in one.

Sounds like: Don't forget to check out the single mentioned above. Words can't always describe music! I'm a huge Chris Squire fan, so I have some prominent and growly bass parts played with my Rickenbacker 4001 and 4003, as well as a P and J basses. I'm classically trained on piano with some Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks, Franz Liszt influence. I grew up loving Maynard Fergusson's trumpet playing and though I can't play like him (most trumpet players can't), I did squeak out some high notes for this album. Lucky for me I could do it after about 50 takes! Everything else is driven on chord progressions written on piano or bass, and some parts revolve around the melody and/or vocals.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a proggy day! Oh, and don't forget to support the arts! (preorder the album please?)

Rock on!