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Thread: 2020 - album of the year, your choice.

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    This makes it sound as though it's an album of covers of classis prog songs, which it isn't. But I get it! The night before last I finally watched about 2/3 of Empire, the recently released live Blu-Ray/2CD set. It didn't appeal to me in certain ways. Firstly, it's not an ideal set of songs for a relatively short concert. It just doesn't quite get cross the energy that the albums usually have. It's rather mellow - maybe this picks up in the last third? Then, I think the band is trying a bit to hard to "put on a show," and it just somehow isn't convincing. A lot of concert tropes are pulled out, and they just don't work in this case. I've seen some other live stuff. I think the live-in-the studio stuff is more convincing. I didn't know that Rikard plays live with them - I thought he only contributed material and plays on some of the albums. So it was very nice to see him there, but he looked a bit uneasy with the "show biz" aspect of it.

    It's possible that a lot of this is due to my own state of mind at the time, or my expectations. I was going to see the band both nights in NJ - the shows that were cancelled in the earlier days of Covid-19. I was really bummed to have those shows canceller (no more than the band or other fans of course!), so I sort of have live BBT built up in my mind. While Cruise to the Edge 2020 was being nixed, I held out hope that those NJ shows wouldn't be affected - pre-Covid naivete at it's finest! I'll have to finish watching the disk to see how it turns out.
    Yeah, sometimes you write the stuff clear to you that someone else perceives differently. Really like the album and what they have done with it. It sounds like full fledged album and, what I have also mentioned somewhere here before, for me it is better than all recent proper albums by them.

    Still have to get to watch/listen to the Empire, so can not comment on that. Missing the concerts though is certainly something to regret. It is always a different experience, on a higher level than just watching the video ... still, better than nothing. Hope you enjoy the rest of the concert.
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    ^^^^ Jed I was a little surprised by your view of Rikard in the live band, because as one who has seen them on each tour (including that night at the Hackney Empire), I have to say he is one of the more energised of their stage performers. He positively loves the live environment. It is fair to say that they are learning their stagecraft as they progress, not all of them have a long gig history to fall back on. Nick certainly does though, he also generates crowd reaction and leads from the back.

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    Maybe deep purple? But I've listened to it only one time..


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