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Thread: RIP Dieter Horns (Lucifer's Friend)

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    RIP Dieter Horns (Lucifer's Friend)

    This was posted on their Facebook page:
    Dieter Horns
    28.02.46 * 19.12.20
    We, Lucifer’s Friend are absolutely heartbroken to let you know that Dieter has passed this morning....
    He will be remembered for his musicianship and song writing and above all the respect of other musicians.....
    I remember at our last gig together the “Hammer of Doom” Festival, so many of the other band’s bass players wanted to see Dieter, as his style of playing was so well known and revered....
    On a personal note he was funny and always there if you needed help with anything.
    He was a very good cook and I could guarantee if I called him in the evening, he would be in the kitchen putting some recipe together and we would swap ideas for future dishes....
    not Rock ‘n’ Roll, I know but that’s how we were....

    He was an avid collector of Elvis records and he has absolutely everything from bootlegs to album versions from all over the world.....
    I will always remember the early times in the studio when we were recording, the 3 H’H’H’s
    Hesslein, Horns & Hecht would discuss for what seemed like an eternity on maybe a couple of notes while I was waiting patiently by the microphone to carry on with the vocals....they were good times and ones I shall always treasure....
    We celebrated 50 years as Lucifer’s Friend this year and Dieter was there from the very beginning.....we miss him so much and the music will never be the same....
    Our deepest thoughts are for his long time partner Hannelore, who is absolutely devastated at losing her life partner and best friend.
    RIP my dear friend.....
    John , on behalf of Lucifer’s Friend

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    Always liked that band. Rest in peace, Dieter Horns.

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    RIP. I like Mind Exploding and Banquet a lot.


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