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Thread: New Strawbs Album "Settlement" due February 2021.

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    New Strawbs Album "Settlement" due February 2021.

    The Strawbs have been busy during the covid crunch and have recorded a new album due out February 26, 2021. Produced by former member Blue Weaver, this all new material is said to reflect the current times and it's trials. Titled "Settlement", the album features the same line up as their last opus titled "The Ferryman's Curse", again featuring Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk, Tony Fernandez and Dave Bainbridge again guesting from prog group Iona. You can see details on
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    Great news, the Ferryman's Curse is excellent, and it's good to see Bainbridge is once again on the album.
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    Autobuy for me.

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