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Thread: Vintage prog LP's for sale

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    Vintage prog LP's for sale

    Hi, here’s a partial list of what I can offer now on LP.
    Please let me know what could interest you and what you would offer. I would prefer to sell at minimum packages of five or more LP.s in each order.
    They are all in good to very good condition and some are basically as new, except where I mention small defects.

    Automatic Fine Tuning CHARISMA

    Burning Red Ivanhoe MILEYSMILE Telefunken

    Mighty Baby 1st some cover wear HEAD

    Celeste GROG

    Clark Hutchinson AMH2 Decca NOVA

    Cluster ‘Zuckerzeit’ BRAIN

    Cluster & Eno SKY

    Stud 1st, DERAM

    Skid Row ’34 Hours’ CBS

    Can ‘Soon Over Babaluma’, ‘Tago Mago’ UA

    Arti & Mestieri ‘Giro de valzer’ ‘Quinto Stato’ CRAMPS

    Battiato ‘Clic’ ISLAND (slight small cover stain)

    Bakerloo German HARVEST

    Beck, Bogert & Appice. Live double album, EPIC, with insert (Lyrics in English and in Japanese)

    Brainstorm ‘Smile a While’ GEMA
    Beggars Opera ‘Waters of Change’ (Vertigo swirl) ‘Pathfinder’ (Vertigo spaceship’ ‘Lifeline’ German Vertigo swirl, ‘Get Your Dog Of Me’ Vertigo swirl

    Pete Brown ‘Before Singing Lessons’ double LP. Compilation DECAL

    Can ‘Limited Edition’ UA

    Catapilla 1st album Vertigo swirl

    Colosseum II ‘Strange New Flesh’ BRONZE ‘Electric Savage (this one with a slight cover tear on the back) MCA

    Dzyan ‘Electric Silence’ BACILLUS

    Aynsley Dunbar Blue Whale BYG

    Il Baricentro ‘Sconcerto ‘slight cover wear’ EMI

    East of Eden ‘New Leaf’ “East of Eden’ Harvest

    Eela Craig ‘Hats of Glass’ German Vertigo spaceship

    Fantasy (American band) with lyrics insert LIBERTY

    Fruupp All four albums on DAWN

    Gate ‘Live’ BRAIN
    Gentle Giant 1st album Vertigo (spaceship design)

    Gravy Train ‘Ist’ Polydor (US)
    ‘Staircase to the Day’ DAWN (slight cover wear)

    Greatest Show on Earth ‘The Going’s Easy’ Harvest
    Harmonia ‘Musik von Harmonia’ BRAIN

    Hoelderlin - ‘Clowns and Clouds’ and ‘Rare Birds’ (both Gema (fried egg)
    Home – ‘Second album’, ‘The Alchemist’ CBS

    Jane ‘Lady’ BRAIN

    Jonesy ‘Keeping Up’ ‘Growing’ (this one slight cover wear) DAWN

    Klaus Schulze ‘Timewind’ ‘Body Love’ ‘Mirage’ all Brain
    LA Dusseldurf ‘Viva’ STRAUD
    Michael Rother ‘Flamende Herzen’ SKY ‘Fernwande’ POLYDOR

    Mogul Thrash RCA
    New Trolls ‘Concerto Grosso 2’, ‘Tempi Despari’ (MAGMA)
    Novalis ‘Brandung’, ‘Konzerte’
    Nektar ‘Sounds Like This’ UA (some cover wear)

    Neu ’75 BRAIN

    Quatermass Harvest

    Samla Mammas Manna ‘Snorugarnas Symfony’ MNW
    Zamla Mamaz Manna ‘Scvhlagerns Mystic’ , double album, SILENCE

    Sensations Fix ‘Finest Finger -Polydor
    Uno (ex Osanna) FONIT

    Wally ‘Valley Gardens’ Atlantic
    Wolf ‘Night Music’ DERAM
    1st and 2nd album in a two for one double album, NOVA

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    ^ Some of these are pretty valuable. Imo, you would do better to put them on ebay.
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