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Thread: New Sanguine Hum release available

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    New Sanguine Hum release available

    Sanguine Hum's A Trace of Memory is now available... Hurray...
    Together with Field Music my favourite BritProg band of the current times.

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    I downloaded my copy earlier and wait for the CD to arrive. Only one play through but I like it very much, it’s certainly familiar Hum territory and fits alongside their other splendid releases.

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    Sweet! I forgot this one was coming out November. I'm gonna head on over to Bandcamp and order it I think.

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    Love the modern Canterbury sound of SH.

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    Listened to this one today, and it's very nice. Gonna take more spins to unravel it all of course. I love this band.

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    Listening to my bandcamp download now and while I'm digging it I'm very disappointed the file isn't 24bit. C'mon guys.


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