I don't know when it happened, but music has become food for my soul. I am constantly looking for magical stimuli. I listen, read, sniff, look around, ask. All of this is to experience at least a moment of relief with sounds that turn out to be absolute. How many records did I have to have immediately because I sensed that this is where I would find it? How many times have I failed? How many times did the record go on the shelf after one audition because I didn't find this thing on it, it didn't give me the desired drug intoxication?
It happens, however, that the music we get to know evokes a feeling from the first hearing. From the first few sounds we hear...

It was Saturday. As usual, at four o'clock, before dawn, I rushed for work. In the room there was a radio humming quietly, because both I and my wife felt sorry to part with the music while sleeping. As my wife does not work on Saturdays, the receiver remained on. Let it play.
At work, I realized that I forgot an important thing from home, so after a few hours, in my free time, I rushed to take what I needed. I went in, took it, went to the door but... I hear that something is playing, calling me! I turned back, sat by the sound of a radio. A few seconds and I already knew that this could be an adventure. Or rather I felt it.
The song starts in a way that signals that it is not played by some garage song band. Here from the first chords you know that it will be an art rock and that the musicians know their stuff. The sounds grow, the guitars have a strong postrock character. The vocals appear and it gets even more interesting. Because the guy hums as if he were a flamenco singer! Don't ask because I don't know how much prog- and how much post-rock is in this game. However, I haven't heard any singing from far Andalusia combined with such music yet. The song lasts ten minutes, but even though the atmosphere was dense and heavy at the start, the tension is still growing, until finally the vocalist's singing turns into a scream and I feel like screaming with him!

All that remains to be done is to check and note down who are the ones who are so pleasant to snort in the morning. The band : Exquirla, the album Para Quienes Aun Viven Un Hombre. Naturally it doesn't tell me anything. In my free time I'm searching and ordering the album, there's no point in checking my account, because I still have to have it.
When the record arrived, it got looped in the player for two days. It was in my mood. Here I warn you: this is not music for every time, for every weather, for every mood. Maybe now for many months I will not listen to it at all? Suddenly, driven by an impulse, I will put it back in the player... This is how it works...