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Thread: Kinetic Element's busy with new album

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    Kinetic Element's busy with new album

    Hello everybody .... I'm still hovering around here and just want to let you know that Kinetic Element's fourth studio CD Lunar Mission has been fully composed now, and we will begin work on recording it after New Year's Day 2021.

    The gist of it is remember and honor the achievement of sending human beings to the moon and returning them safely to Earth in 1969. It was guitarist Peter Matuchniak's concept although I have as usual composed the lion's share of the music and lyrics. You can see video of one of the songs live at In fact we are thinking we will use the audio of this track on the studio CD.

    Like most of you our lives have been greatly affected by current events and we look forward to getting back into the groove soon.

    We are also working on a special event virtual broadcast which we hope will take place next month (mid-December). I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks for your interest and don't forget you can get our entire catalog at Melodic Revolution Records, Syn-Phonic and direct from the band. We also have T-shirts. And we need to clear some of this merch out of here. Please make room for us in your prog budget and message me on Facebook for details.

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    Good news, Mike.

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    Awesome news, Mike! Y'all keep on producing good stuff! Keep it up. I think that's an excellent idea for a concept, and I look forward to hearing it!
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    The video looks/sounds awesome. The guitar playing is very tasteful, Gilmouresque. Good luck!
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