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Thread: Wendy and Lisa- Unexpected Influences

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    Wendy and Lisa- Unexpected Influences

    Been playing a lot of Wendy and Lisa the past few days, as I have always enjoyed their pop music. IN looking for a video of Honeymoon Express, I found a "What's in your Bag" video. What is interesting is that Wendy has a bunch of soul and disco music, but when Lisa begins, the first two discs she pulls out of her bag are Morton Subotnick and Steve Reich. Which I thought was tres cool!

    PS. Honeymoon Express:

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    Very cool, indeed!

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    I've never really heard any of their records. I've got the album they produced for Wendy's (now former) brother-in-law Doyle Bramhall II which was pretty good (as is the followup, Jellycream, which they played on, but didn't produce).

    I remember reading where Wendy said Joni Mitchell asked her how she played the intro to Purple Rain. Joni asked her if she used an open tuning, and Wendy said "No, but my thumb is my secret weapon". That's gotta be pretty cool when someone like Joni Mitchell asks you how you played something.

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    I gotta feeling me and Wendy have some of the same thoughts about "modern music".

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    Lisa Coleman played session work for Joni on one of her discs- Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm. She's done plenty, from Joe Satriani to Tricky, and Los Lobos, Alice in Chains and Neil Finn.
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