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Thread: Underrated: Kaleidoreal (Sweden)

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    Underrated: Kaleidoreal (Sweden)

    Just finished listening to their two releases: A Life Wasted (2018) and the EP, Finally See Myself (2019). Really wonderful and melodic Prog Rock with excellent musicianship especially if you like up-front guitar. I suppose it's on the harder side of things but not metal by any stretch. The songwriting is good and memorable as is the singing. At times, it reminds me of the songwriting style of Neal Morse although I would say it is more of a strong influence than an attempt to imitate.

    Really glad this popped up for me because I'd not heard of this band. Looking forward to their new album, Love's Bright Light, coming November 5th.

    Link to their Bandcamp page:
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    Thanks. I listened to several tracks. There is definitely, specifically a Transatlantic influence going on. I prefer the instrumental sections to the vocal portions. My main detraction is the vocalist. He's got a little too much 80s metal vibe in his voice for my tastes. The rhythm section is competent, but noticeably "not quite there". Lars is obviously the rock star here, providing keys, guitar etc. and also mixed and mastered the stuff. In the end, it's not something I'd end up purchasing myself though.
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