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Thread: VALVE/Chloe Herington news

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    VALVE/Chloe Herington news

    V L V Ē, led by Chle Herington of Knifeworld and Lindsay Cooper Songbook fame, are doing a streamed gig with another act, Persona, on Thursday 22 October: see

    Herington also said in a Bandcamp mail-out that she's got a solo album coming out in December.

    I love V L V Ē; their #2 [cycles] EP is some great avant-garde music: Herington's work in Lindsay Cooper Songbook was also excellent.

    Where Are They Now? Yes news:
    Blogdegezou, the accompanying blog:

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    Yeah, big fan of Chloe and V L V Ē, timing on the gig doesn't really work for me but I'll certainly pick up the solo album.

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