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Thread: New music by KALEIDOREAL

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    New music by KALEIDOREAL

    Swedish prog project KALEIDOREAL released three new songs on the 20th of November.
    On bandcamp and digital/streaming, so please check it out on the links below and let me know if you like it!


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    I like it.
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    I'm listening to the 2019 Finally See Myself album right now and it's quite good. This gets the "Heavy Prog" tag on Progarchives but I honestly don't know what any of their categories mean in the context of my listening experience. I just like it. Really good emotionally evocative guitar playing. The melodies are good. The singing is good. At times the songwriting reminds me a bit of Neal Morse's melodic style but it isn't an imitation to my ears - an influence. That said. It is very good.

    I think they have a new album coming soon in 2020.
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