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Thread: The Canvas Prog Hour # 600 Pink Floyd-Animals-1977

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    The Canvas Prog Hour # 600 Pink Floyd-Animals-1977

    A new show is up and ready to roll for the next two weeks at ----------------------->


    The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 600
    In Focus-Pink Floyd-Animals-1977

    The Alan Parsons Project-A Dream Within A Dream/The Raven-Tales Of Mystery And Imagination-1976
    3-Halloween-Summer Camp Nightmare-2003
    David Bowie-Ashes To Ashes-Scary Monsters-1980
    Junk Farm-An Eye For An Eye-Ugly Little Thing-2007
    The Sea Within-An Eye For An Eye For An Eye-The Sea Within-2018 (Roine Stolt & Tom Brislin)
    Gergo Borlai-Billy-The Missing Song-2020
    Wings-Venus And Mars Reprise-Venus And Mars-1975
    Pink Floyd-Pigs On The Wing(Part One)-Animals-1977 (Roger Waters)
    Pink Floyd-Dogs-Animals-1977 (David Gilmour)

    Van Halen-Spanish Fly-II-1979
    Van Halen-Mean Street-Fair Warning-1981
    Rush-Didacts & Narpets-Caress Of Steel-1975
    Rush-Witch Hunt-Moving Pictures-1981
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Spirit In The Night-Nightingales And Bombers-1975 (Mick Rogers)
    Steve Hackett-Watcher Of The Skies-Genesis Revisited Live At Hammersmith-2013 (Nad Sylvan)
    Crack The Sky-Ice-Crack The Sky-1975
    Wojtek Pilichowski-Old Fashion Show-Vandal-2018
    Kevin Gilbert-Shadow Self-Thud-1994
    Pink Floyd-Pigs(Three Different Ones)-Animals-1977 (Richard Wright)

    Alice Cooper-Welcome To My Nightmare-Welcome To My Nightmare-1975 (Tony Levin)
    Alice Cooper-Devil's Food/The Black Widow-Welcome To My Nightmare-1975 (Vincent Price)
    Alice Cooper-Second Coming/Ballad Of Dwight Fry-Love It To Death-1971 (Neal Smith & Michael Bruce)
    Steven Wilson-The Same Asylum as Before-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
    Thin Lizzy-Spirit Slips Away-Fighting-1975 (Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham)
    Golden Earring-Candy's Going Bad-Moontan-1974
    Yves Laferriere-Des Instruments Charges A Blanc-Yves Laferriere-1978
    Izz-Own The Mystery-Everlasting Instant-2015
    Pink Floyd-Sheep-Animals-1977 (Nick Mason)

    Canvas-Ghost Town-Digital Pigeon-2007 (Greg Lounsberry)
    Phish-Ghost-The Story Of The Ghost-1998
    Transatlantic-Black As The Sky-Kaleidoscope-2014 (Roine Stolt & Pete Trewavas)
    Gentle Giant-His Last Voyage-Free Hand-1975
    Neal Morse-Entrance-?-2005 (Mike Portnoy)
    April Wine-21st Century Schizoid Man-Harder...Faster-1979
    Kiyo-Sen-Enamel Doll-Organizer-2018 (Kiyomi Otaka & Senri Kawaguchi)
    Porcupine Tree-Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled-Lightbulb Sun-2000
    Gotye-Bronte-Making Mirrors-2011
    Blue Oyster Cult-Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll-Blue Oyster Cult-1972
    Planet P Project-Armageddon-Planet P Project-1983 (Tony Carey)
    Pink Floyd-Pigs On The Wing(Part Two)-Animals-1977
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    Another excellent show. The Golden Earring in parts sounded a little like Alice Cooper.

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    Thanks Ed! Yeah, I always thought that tune had a scary vibe to it, very much like AC...

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    Animals - one of my favourite Floyd albums (and a great concert experience also)
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    Congrats on #600 Matt.
    Another excellent one to happily distract me from 4 hrs of my workday!
    Here's to another 600!



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